Walden Natural Perfume Oil Chapter Two Gift Set 5 x 2ml
Walden Natural Perfume Oil Chapter Two Gift Set 5 x 2ml

Walden Natural Perfume Oil Chapter Two Gift Set 5 x 2ml

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Continue the story with Chapter Two

Made from only the finest natural absolutes, resins and essential oils Walden Perfumes are named after Henry David Thoreau’s seminal work Walden.

The book - part meditation, part handbook for simple living in natural surroundings - has inspired countless readers and Walden Natural Perfumes are proud to walk in his footsteps.

This Gift Set includes 5 x 2ml:

A Gentle Rain is a luxurious fragrance that grows with a blend of oak moss, labdanum and patchouli. The heat that follows is composed of bergamot, smooth orris, sandalwood and timeless rose de mai. With base notes of vetiver, lavender green and clary sage.

A Morning Star is a tender, evocative perfume that escorts you throughout the day with its plethora of different stages of scented pleasure starting with the clean, light and breezy scent of Lavender mixed with Bergamot and Grapefruit unto the magical combination of floral Rose de Mai and the deeper woody notes of Sandalwood, Orris Butter and Cabreuva wood oil.

Live The Life is a gem of a perfume which successfully combines the refreshing top notes of Bergamot and Orange with middle notes of Tuberose and Sweet violet, not forgetting the exotic base notes of Sandalwood, Brazilian rosewood and China jasmine to create a fresh yet beguiling scent reminiscent of a magical midsummer stroll through a wild flower meadow.

See the Moonlight is an intoxicating Chypre fragrance that opens with fresh Bergamot followed by a heart of Jasmine and hints of Rose. The finish is luxurious Sandalwood and exotic Ambrette Seed.

Tonic of Wildness is a wonderful, mysterious and unfathomable unisex perfume. Let it take you on an olfactory journey starting off with the fresh, light heartedness of Bergamot, Grapefruit and Sour Orange moving to the woody middle notes of Black Pepper, Cardamom and Cabreuva towards the mysterious and sultry base notes of Iris Pallida and Ylang Ylang.

Directions; Apply to pulse points as often as desired


Ingredients; See full size 10ml Rollerball products for reference